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3-A Authorization: Don’t Compromise

Posted by Jim Ling on 1/14/21 1:22 PM

Pristine and safe equipment is essential when choosing industrial processing equipment for the food industry or other industries where consumer safety is a top concern. When humans or animals are going to consume the final product, you want to make sure that the processing machines are not subject to contamination of any type. For that reason, it’s important to look for the proper certifications.

In the food industry, the top certification standard is 3-A Authorization. Some vendors will say they are compliant without having the authorization certificate—don’t fall for any piece of equipment that isn’t actually authorized. In the long run, skipping certification requirements will end up being a cost – and potential liability – to your operation.

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Topics: Sanitary Applications & Sanitary Equipment

Cannabis Processing and the Value of Industrial Sifters

Posted by Jim Ling on 9/9/20 10:14 AM
The cannabis processing industry has been quiet about processing methods for years. Until recently, manufacturers selling equipment for cannabis processing didn't have a clear understanding of the purpose of their machinery within the industry. Recent legal changes have eased the secrecy around both medicinal and recreational access to THC-containing products.

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Topics: Centrifrugal Sifters, Circular Vibratory Screeners, Industrial Screeners & Industrial Sifters, Cannabis & Hemp

Centrifugal Stillage Separation

Posted by Jim Ling on 7/20/20 2:05 PM

8 Feathers Distillery explains how Kason Corporation treats their waste stream to eliminate sewage surcharges, decrease solid waste disposal fees and to provide a “free” food source for local livestock to nearby farmers in an article published across the globe in Filtration + Separation, Industrial Water World, Brewer & Distiller International, and other publications. Using locally sourced grains and water from a nearby artesian well, the distillery was founded in 2004 to produce spirits.

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Topics: Centrifrugal Sifters, Distillery & Brewery, Case Histories