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Screening Questions | Can Kason Supply Screens for Other Sifters?

Posted by Alyssa Kaiser on 6/1/21 9:33 AM


Short answer – Yes!  Kason manufactures and supplies K-SERIES screens and replacement parts that are compatible with various makes and models of circular vibratory screeners and centrifugal sifters currently on the market. If our standard replacement screens aren't a perfect fit, then we can review your unique needs to fabricate custom screens to suit your needs. Read on to learn about how one global supplier of food products worked with Kason to source better replacement screens for more than a baker’s dozen of centrifugal sifter units at their northern New Jersey facilities.

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Screening Questions | What's in a Name? Meet Kason's K-SERIES Screens

Posted by Alyssa Kaiser on 5/14/21 12:54 PM

Did you know that Kason offers a wide array of designs and options with our K-SERIES replacement screens? From standard high-performance designs to heavy-duty rings, finishes to comply with global safety and sanitary standards and more – we take pride in engineering and manufacturing screens with enhancements and features that will meet your specific application, material, and business needs.

Whether you’re considering your options for a new unit, modifying what you use on your existing Kason, or if you are considering our screens for another make or model of circular vibratory screener or centrifugal sifter, we are proud to offer a number of options to help you meet your screening goals.

Read on to learn all about our durable, efficient, endlessly customizable K-SERIES screens.

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