Case Study: Two Coffee Producers Use Sifters and Screeners to Boost Production

Posted by Kason Corp on 04/2/2024 8:12 PM

blog-Screening_and_Sifting_for_Coffee-v01Quality and efficiency are paramount in the highly competitive coffee industry. Any process improvement that can help increase product purity, reduce downtime and streamline operations is essential for staying ahead of the competition and ensuring long-term success.

In this case study, we will examine two prominent coffee producers’ experiences using Kason’s VIBROSCREEN circular vibratory sifters and CENTRI-SIFTER centrifugal sifters.

The Challenge

Coffee producers encounter various hurdles when it comes to maintaining the quality and uniformity of their products. Challenges include eliminating impurities and oversized particles, ensuring consistency in ground coffee and managing an effective dewatering process. The stringent requirements of the production process led two leading companies in the coffee sector to seek solutions that would improve product quality, enhance production efficiency and simplify maintenance.

The Solution

After comparing other brands of screeners and separators, both producers zeroed in on Kason’s equipment for its reputation in the food and beverage industry as a manufacturer of high-efficiency equipment that is simple to clean and maintain.

Kason’s approach was multifaceted and addressed the specific needs of the coffee producers by incorporating the following equipment:

Vibratory screeners and separators: Given one producer’s requirements for ease of use and easy maintenance, the Kason VIBROSCREEN was recommended. This addition not only cut down on maintenance, but also improved the consistency and uniformity of ground coffee powder by removing debris and oversized particles.

Centrifugal sifters and separators: Facing persistent screen breakage issues during the dewatering of coffee slurry, another producer found a solution by switching from nylon to stainless steel screens in their Kason CENTRI-SIFTER centrifugal sifter. This change eliminated sticky solids buildup, significantly improving dewatering efficiency and lowering water reclamation costs.

Ease of maintenance and cleaning: Kason screeners and sifters are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Quick-acting clamps, lightweight frames and simple disassembly processes make surfaces easy to access and clean for significantly reduced downtime and enhanced productivity.

Customization and flexibility: Kason offered customizable solutions, such as a clamshell cover design, for easy screen inspection and changes. Gap-free configurations with crevice-free interiors were also recommended to make sanitary compliance easy. These features catered specifically to the operational requirements of producers, ensuring their machinery was not only effective but also aligned with their specific production needs.

The Results

The addition of Kason screeners and sifters directly contributed to the following production process improvements:

  • Enhanced product quality: The use of Kason's sifters and screeners ensured the removal of impurities and uniformity of coffee grounds, improving the quality and consistency of the final product. The technology's ability to effectively sift and separate helped to maintain the producer’s high standards throughout the production line.

  • Increased efficiency: With machinery designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, both companies experienced reduced downtime, leading to higher production efficiency. User-friendly features, such as tool-free designs and screens that can be replaced in 2 minutes or less, play a crucial role in optimizing the production process, leading to sustained productivity gains.

  • Operational optimization: The flexibility and customization offered by Kason allowed both producers to optimize their production lines, tailoring the machinery to fit their specific needs and challenges. This versatile approach enabled the coffee producers to significantly enhance the efficiency and reliability of their processing operations, resulting in improved product quality and a reduction in maintenance issues.

By focusing on quality, efficiency and customized solutions, Kason helped these companies overcome their production challenges and set best-in-class standards for the coffee industry. As coffee producers continue to seek ways to enhance their operations, Kason's commitment to innovation and quality positions them as key partners in achieving these goals.

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