The Benefits of Gap-Free Circular Vibratory Screeners

Posted by Kason Corp on 02/11/2024 9:02 PM

VIBROSCREEN Circular Vibratory Screeners efficientlyscreen, separate, and dewater bulk solids on a batch or continuous basis. While standard high-performance circular vibrating separatorsareavailable for shipment in as little as six weeks, circular screenersare fully customizable to meetunique and challenging processing needs. One such custom option is Kason’s innovative gap-freedesign, which drastically reduces contamination and prevents material buildup.

Gap-free circular vibratory separators feature an external, interlocking flange configuration between screen frames, secured by quick-disconnect clamps. The support ring of the internal screen is fully enveloped and allows the screen’s wire mesh to extend to the interior walls of the frame, removing the gap between the screen ring and the frame wall. (In conventional screeners, this is where material tends to accumulate.) This is especially useful in powder processing and applications with stringent sanitary requirements.


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How to Upgrade Your Screener into a High Capacity Powerhouse

Posted by Kason Corp on 01/25/2024 9:38 PM

Kascade Screening Decks for New and Existing Circular Vibratory Screeners

Kason’s high-capacity Kascade screening deck is a low-maintenance choice to boost screening capacity for new circular vibratory screeners, but did you know that the Kascade is also part of Kason’s extensive range of high-performance spare parts for vibrating sifters? It can be used in solids/solids separation (e.g., applications that call for the removal of fines in materials like plastic pellets, cereal, pet food, fertilizer, salt, sugar, etc.), as well as liquid/solids separation (e.g., dewatering high volumes of solids).



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Kascade Screener Eliminates Fines and Reduces Product Waste

Posted by Kason Corp on 01/22/2024 5:44 PM

In solids-solids separation applications that call for careful material handling and the removal of fines, circular vibratory screeners equipped with Kascade 360˚ cascade screening decks effectively classify materials while removing fines. Once installed, the Kascade also requires minimal maintenance to remain in good operating condition. It can be quickly and easily disassembled for thorough wash-down between production runs, increasing productivity while reducing labor requirements and cost-prohibitive downtime.

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Animal Feed Manufacturer Achieves Higher Screening Capacity

Posted by Kason Corp on 01/15/2024 5:43 PM


High-Capacity, Small-Footprint Screening

The Kascade screening deck for circular vibrating separators is designed to maximize screening throughput. This feature can be especially beneficial in solids-solids separation and dewatering applications where floorspace restrictions apply. Compared to standard circular vibrating sifters of equivalent diameters, Kason VIBROSCREEN Circular Vibratory Screeners with Kascade decks can increase screening capacity by 60-160%.

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Preventing Bottlenecking in Bulk Material Screening

Posted by Kason Corp on 01/2/2024 4:43 PM

The Kason Kascade recycle deck for vibratory screeners exemplifies Kason’s commitment to delivering high-performance industrial processing equipment for screening, separating, classifying, and dewatering in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing.

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Serious Technology for Serious Cannabis Processing

Posted by Kason Corp on 08/8/2022 8:57 PM

While the cannabis industry continues its rapid growth (with global sales expected to reach $33.6 billion during the next three years), the fact remains that raw cannabis is inherently difficult to handle. It is both expensive and fragile, making initial sorting a critical path item in terms of productivity and profitability. Small and large operations can benefit from investing in sorting technology from an established manufacturer that is highly efficient,flexible and completely field-proven over many years -- in short, a cost-effective way to producea higher quality product with higher throughput and less waste 

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Making the Grade: Screen Nuts for Quality & Classification

Posted by Kason Corp on 06/8/2022 5:48 PM

Consumers seeking healthier snack options or better-for-you plant-based proteins have been steadily increasing the demand for nuts for decades. There are more than 20 types of edible nuts in the world, with a market value estimated to reach $459.1 billion by 2030

Varieties include almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, macadamias and more. Each type of edible nut and each stage of the supply chain from "farm to fork" requires sorting to meet size, quality and purity standards, all while maintaining high throughput.  

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Slick Sifting & Screening for Sluggish Nutraceutical Powders

Posted by Kason Corp on 04/7/2022 1:58 PM

When Dr. Stephen DeFelice coined the term "Nutraceutical"in 1989, he likely never imagined the word would come to represent such a large and fast-growing industry segment. Herbal products, vitamin/dietary supplements, fibers, phytonutrients, pre- and pro-biotics and protein/amino acids can all be found online and on shelving, and business is booming. Increasing numbers of health-conscious consumers, social media platforms touting various dietary health regimens, and pandemic-driven searches for products to strengthen immune system response have pushed nutraceutical industry growth and is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. 

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5 of the Most Common Reasons Why Vibratory Screens Fail

Posted by Alyssa Kaiser on 07/6/2021 1:15 PM


Screen failures can be caused by a number of factors. Just some of the reasons that we’ll cover today include screen fatigue, improper installation, corrosion, shock, and abrasion. Understanding why screens may fail will enable you to proactively inspect, maintain and replace your screens long before you find yourself in a downtime scenario.

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The Many Applications Covered by K-SERIES Screens

Posted by Alyssa Kaiser on 05/14/2021 4:45 PM


Did you know that Kason offers a wide array of designs and options with our K-SERIES replacement screens? From standard high-performance designs to heavy-duty rings, finishes to comply with global safety and sanitary standards and more – we take pride in engineering and manufacturing screens with enhancements and features that will meet your specific application, material, and business needs.

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