How to Upgrade Your Screener into a High Capacity Powerhouse

Posted by Kason Corp on 01/25/2024 9:38 PM

60-Inch Diameter Kascade Circular Screener Inside View with Screen

Kascade Screening Decks for New and Existing Circular Vibratory Screeners

Kason’s high-capacity Kascade screening deck is a low-maintenance choice to boost screening capacity for new circular vibratory screeners, but did you know that the Kascade is also part of Kason’s extensive range of high-performance spare parts for vibrating sifters? It can be used in solids/solids separation (e.g., applications that call for the removal of fines in materials like plastic pellets, cereal, pet food, fertilizer, salt, sugar, etc.), as well as liquid/solids separation (e.g., dewatering high volumes of solids).



Internal and External Recycle Screening Decks for New Separating Equipment

Investing in new screening equipment can be an economical, effective solution when business’ processing needs change. Consider the Kascade as an add-on feature when investing in new screening equipment for scalping, dedusting, and/or classifying up to 100 U.S. tons (91 metric tons) of free-flowing bulk material per hour.

Kascade decks can be also combined with other options and enhancements to maximize the ROI of screening equipment. For example, adding a quick-release clamshell lid will allow for rapid screen changes, while a clean-in-place (CIP) system will enable operators to sanitize interior screening chambers without having to open or otherwise disassemble the unit.

Kascade Decks as Aftermarket Parts for Existing Screeners

If purchasing a new vibratory sifter isn’t feasible, Kason’s high-capacity Kascade aftermarket retrofit screener kit retrofit kit may be an efficient, cost-effective solution. Retrofitting existing Kason VIBROSCREEN circular vibratory separators and other makes and models of circular vibrating sieves with Kascade screening decks increases throughput and promotes screening efficiency in a fraction of the time, minimizing “carry-over” and ejection of on-size material at a significantly lower price point.


  • Increases screen surface area
  • Eliminates costly production bottlenecks
  • Small-footprint, high-capacity screening
  • Low maintenance and minimizes overhead costs
  • Maximizes throughput: up to 160% higher screening capacity compared to conventional vibrating screeners of equivalent diameters

Available Options and Features

  • Offered in diameters from 40” to 72” (1016mm to 1829mm)
  • One-deck, two-deck, or three-deck configurations
  • Sold as an add-on feature for new units or as a retrofitting kit for existing screeners
  • Can be rapidly disassembled for thorough wash-down
  • Available in finishes compliant with 3-A, FDA, USDA, BISCC, and other sanitary standards

Interested in the Kason Kascade deck for screening, separating, or dewatering applications? Kason’s sales team is available to discuss whole goods sales, schedule free laboratory testing, provide field service, and assist with ordering spare parts for industrial screening equipment.

Dedusting with the Kascade Deck



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