Preventing Bottlenecking in Bulk Material Screening

Posted by Kason Corp on 01/2/2024 4:43 PM

Cut-away Showing the Interior and Exterior (with Screen) of a Kason Kascade Circular Vibratory ScreenerThe Kason Kascade recycle deck for vibratory screeners exemplifies Kason’s commitment to delivering high-performance industrial processing equipment for screening, separating, classifying, and dewatering in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing.

Aside from being a cost-effective means of increasing screening capacity and efficiency, the high-capacity Kascade screening deck for circular vibrating sifters is adept at eliminating product buildup, thereby maximizing round separator screen performance and lifespan.

Eliminate Production Bottlenecks

Product build-up can occur when screening wet or dry bulk materials with large percentages of oversize fractions at high rates with conventional discharge spouts. This occurrence, commonly known as bottlenecking, causes excessive screen fatigue and can ultimately lead to screen failure, costly expedited replacement screens, and unexpected downtime.

The External Kascade High-Capacity Screening Deck is designed to allow oversize particles to flow outward in a spiral pattern, cascading 360˚ around the screen periphery, while on-size particles are free to pass through the screen to a lower discharge chute. This effectively solves the issue of capacity restriction associated with conventional 15˚ to 25˚ discharge spout openings.

Real-World Challenge: Kason Kascade Solves Material Processing Issues and Screen Failure

Restricted capacity was a common occurrence for AgriEnergy Resources. While screening liquid biological fertilizer, rope-like sludge would form when heavy accumulations of material moved around the screen periphery. This resulted in significant screen wear and costly bottlenecks.

When Kason was consulted for a solution, samples of the customer’s product were carefully screened and analyzed in a controlled test laboratory setting. Based on those findings, a Kascade deck was recommended as a more cost-effective solution over a new circular vibrating sifter. Once installed and put into production, the Kascade reclaimed 100% of the screen surface area and knocked off the ring of material right away. The replacement screening deck reduced screen wear and labor hours while increasing productivity.

The Kason Kascade screening deck for circular vibratory sifters is available in diameters ranging from 40” to 72” (1016mm to 1829mm), and can be manufactured to meet 3A, USDA, FDA, BISCC, and other sanitary standards. Kascade screening decks are offered as an enhancement for new circular vibrating screeners. Kascade decks can also be ordered as retrofit kits for installation on existing Kason VIBROSCREEN Circular Vibratory Screeners as well as other makes and models of vibratory separators. 

How else can the Kascade screening deck help you? 

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