The Benefits of Gap-Free Circular Vibratory Screeners

Posted by Kason Corp on 02/11/2024 9:02 PM

Kason VIBROSCREEN Circular Screener With Air-Lift Quick Screen Change System and Gap-Free Sanitary Design

VIBROSCREEN Circular Vibratory Screeners efficiently screen, separate, and dewater bulk solids on a batch or continuous basis. While standard high-performance circular vibrating separators are available for shipment in as little as six weeks, circular screeners are fully customizable to meet unique and challenging processing needs. One such custom option is Kason’s innovative gap-free design, which drastically reduces contamination and prevents material buildup.

Gap-free circular vibratory separators feature an external, interlocking flange configuration between screen frames, secured by quick-disconnect clamps. The support ring of the internal screen is fully enveloped and allows the screen’s wire mesh to extend to the interior walls of the frame, removing the gap between the screen ring and the frame wall. (In conventional screeners, this is where material tends to accumulate.) This is especially useful in powder processing and applications with stringent sanitary requirements.


Gap-Free Specifications

Close-Up of Gap-Free Design of a Circular Vibratory Screener

  • The gap-free design can be added to single-deck and multi-deck Kason circular vibratory sifters in diameters ranging from 24” (61 cm) to 60” (152.4 cm). 
  • Sanitary screeners can be fabricated to meet cGMP, 3-A, USDA, and FDA standards. 
  • K-Series gap-free round screens are offered in a range of mesh types and sizes in 304, 316, and “magnetic” 400-series stainless steel wire, or synthetic nylon material. Screens are mounted to support rings using FDA-approved epoxy and sealed using FDA-approved gasket material. Mesh-tolerance certificates are available upon request. 


Industries, Materials, and Applications

Gap-free circular vibrating sifters can separate, scalp, dedust, deagglomerate, and dewater contamination-sensitive materials in industries such as food manufacturing and beverage processing, dairy, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing. Sample applications include: 

  • Scalping flour  
  • Screening bakery mixes 
  • Scalping nutritional powders  
  • Screening powdered drink mixes 
  • Scalping medicated feed additives for animal nutrition 
  • Screening metal powders for 3D printing and additive manufacturing (AM) recovery operations  
  • Scalping pharmaceutical compounds, e.g., highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) 
  • Screening injectable pharmaceutical products 
  • De-agglomerating and scalping pharmaceutical grade sucrose  
  • Screening pharmaceutical powders, e.g., magnesium stearate and fumed silica 
  • Screening quartz and water 
  • Screening metal contamination-sensitive bulk materials 


Kason Sanitary Circular Vibratory Screener

Ultra-Sanitary Double-Deck Circular Screener with gap-free screen frames, radius corners, domed lid, washable underside, crevice-free material contact surfaces, and Air-Lift device with quick-release "U" clamps. 



Design Pairings for Gap-Free Vibratory Screeners

Promote Sanitary Screening 

Sanitary vibratory screeners are custom-built with material contact surfaces polished to a sanitary finish, continuous ground/polished weld seams, discharge spouts with radius corners, and domed lids for added cleanliness. The addition of a gap-free design reduces the risk of contamination due to bacteria growth and improves the overall sanitizing efficiency of a screener. One such sanitary gap-free configuration is the VIBROSCREEN ultra-sanitary pharmaceutical sifter 

Other enhancements for sanitary gap-free VIBROSCREENS: 

  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) Spray Wash System: strategically placed spray nozzles emit cleaning solutions, rinsing solutions, and/or steam for sanitizing interior screening chamber(s) without opening or disassembling the unit. 
  • Easy-Clean Base: a three-post, open base with a stainless-steel motor enclosure allows thorough washdown of the unit's underside and plant floor. 
  • “Magnetic” 400-Series Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Screens: when paired with removable sanitary, high-strength magnets at discharge outlets, 400 SS wire mesh circular screens can help eliminate product contamination caused by ferrous materials. 

Boost Processing Efficiency

Gap-free VIBROSCREEN circular separators can also maximize screening output, reduce labor and downtime, and address screen blinding issues. Lockable, U-shaped quick-disconnect vertical clamps, for example, allow operators to disengage upper and lower screen frame sections faster and more efficiently than conventional band clamps. Other efficiency-boosting enhancements include: 

  • Clamshell Lid: promotes rapid screen changes and thorough wash down of all interior surfaces, as demonstrated in this video. 
  • Air-Lift Quick Screen Change System: offers quick, easy access to the upper and lower screening chambers for quicker cleaning, inspection, and screen changes. 
  • Kasonic Ultrasonic Anti-Blinding System: supports clog-free, fine-mesh screening of powders prone to blinding while also prolonging screen life. 

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