Screening Questions | Can Kason Supply Screens for Other Sifters?

Posted by Alyssa Kaiser on 06/1/2021 4:45 PM


Short answer – Yes!  

Kason manufactures and supplies K-SERIES screens and replacement parts that are compatible with various makes and models of circular vibratory screeners and centrifugal sifters currently on the market.

If our standard replacement screens aren't a perfect fit, then we can review your unique needs to fabricate custom screens to suit your needs. Read on to learn about how one global supplier of food products worked with Kason to source better replacement screens for more than a baker’s dozen of centrifugal sifter units at their northern New Jersey facilities.

In Search of Long-Lasting Replacement Screens


"Even though it was a competitor's equipment, Kason built their own wedge wire screens to fit." – Mike Dolan, Maintenance Supervisor


Corbion Caravan Ingredients, a global supplier of bakery blends and food products, found themselves dealing with increasingly frequent screen failures on their centrifugal sifter units, which had been supplied by another manufacturer.

With a fleet of fourteen centrifugal sifters at their Totowa, New Jersey facilities handling roughly 6,000-7,000 pounds of food ingredients every 20 minutes, equipment reliability is of paramount importance. The regular screen failures had severe implications for their business: beyond the cost of replacing broken screens, the resulting downtime led to decreased productivity, as well as the increased potential for contamination and loss of product.

Kason's K-DURACYL wedge wire screen baskets are available for Kason CENTRI-SIFTER centrifugal sifters, as well as other makes and models of centrifugal separators.

On the hunt for a more sustainable replacement centrifugal sifter screen that would be compatible with their existing units, Corbion turned to Kason, a local manufacturer of CENTRI-SIFTER centrifugal sifters and separators as well as customized spare screens. Kason's Customer Service and Engineering teams were more than willing to work with Dolan and his team to come up with a more durable and efficient replacement screen solution for their sifting operations.


Custom-Built Screens for Other Makes & Models of Sifters

After just two custom-built prototypes and a three-month test run of the specially-designed screen on their whole-wheat flour sifter, Corbion was satisfied with the custom-designed screen’s performance and durability. The Kason solution gave them the peace of mind they were in search of – with “no errors, no issues,” according to Mike Dolan, Maintenance Supervisor.


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Built to Outlast Traditional Nylon & Wire Mesh Screens

While traditional nylon or wire mesh wrap-around screens are designed to suit a wide range of sifting needs, more demanding applications require heavy-duty screens manufactured to withstand significant wear and tear.

The design and configuration of our wedge wire screen basket (pictured above) appeal to customers like Corbion looking for long-lasting screening options.


Key Features & Benefits

A close-up of the K-DURACYL wedge wire screen basket's namesake slotted wedge wire mesh, available in different mesh diameters and openings.

  • Easy Assembly: The wedge wire screen basket’s all-in-one design makes installation quick and easy.
  • Easy Cleaning & Inspection: The one-piece screen also ensures effortless inspection and cleaning – features and considerations that are essential for businesses handling consumables such as food, dairy, and beverage products or pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.
  • Food-Grade Designs: Our wedge wire screens are available in a wide range of configurations, such as magnet-detectable 430 Stainless Steel mesh and finishes that meet the most stringent sanitary and safety standards.
  • Heavy-Duty Configuration: Wedge wire screen baskets allow for higher sifting rates, and are better at de-lumping materials than traditional screens. Our proprietary durable designs outperform and outlast traditional nylon or wire mesh screens, which are typically affixed to screen baskets or screen cages with hose clamps. Pictured right is a close-up of the K-DURACYL wedge wire screen basket's namesake slotted wedge wire mesh, available in different mesh diameters and openings.

The Kason Advantage: Custom Solutions Built to Suit Your Needs

Our business has always been about engineering and manufacturing screening, sifting and processing solutions that are built to suit our customers’ needs. Thanks to our wide range of equipment and aftermarket parts, as well as our decades of processing experience and industry knowledge, clients can rely on Kason to understand and build equipment to suit the most unique applications and needs.

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